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When we became a family in 2016 and welcomed our beautiful little girl Sofie Phoenix into the world, we made a conscious decision to continue with our life as we knew it and simply find a way to make it all work. With nine months of the year spent on the road, it has been an incredible learning experience that we wanted to continue sharing with the world. What we have come to realize is that our voice can be a powerful instrument of change.

We launched a YouTube channel featuring weekly documentary style videos from our travels. In this mindful series we aim to shine the light on people, organizations and brands that are doing incredible things for humanity. Our intention is to document our life as it unfolds and to offer others this platform to share their stories. We invite you to join our little yogi family as we uncover all the beauty this world has to offer. #JourneyBeyond.


In our first episode we arrive on the beautiful Island of Bali to facilitate our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. This week’s episode explores Honza's knowledge of yogic philosophy, we introduce you to some of the amazing students enrolled on the course and give you the inside scoop on our first week in Bali.

We dive head first into week 2 of our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Claudine tells us the ins and outs of traveling the world with a baby. We take you with us on our day off exploring the beautiful island of Bali and we share our incredible experience of being blessed in the local temple of Padangbai.


In the third week of our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training we say a sweet 'see you later' to Adam Whiting and the beautiful Meghan Currie pops by to teach a very special yoga class. We continue to up the ante for our students by taking them on an intense cultural experience at a Barong Dance in Bali.

Graduation time! We are serenaded by one of our students with a song that will be in our hearts forever. Our students complete their exam and we all venture to the beach for some serious fun in the sun. Another student shares how yoga helped her take control of her life and heal after a devastating loss.


In this episode we were inspired to share our sacred birthday story and how we chose to bring our baby girl into the world. We visited Bumi Sehat which is a natural birthing centre on the Island of Bali. Yayasan Bumi Sehat was founded in 1995 as an Indonesian not-for-profit organization. We were blessed to meet the goddess behind this incredible organization Ibu Robin Lim.

We share our personal story of how we took our yoga practice from Earth to Air and why we created the practice of ACROVINYASA. We welcome 26 amazing souls from 13 different countries into our 9th ACROVINYASA Teacher Training in beautiful Bali. We dive straight into 15 hour days and let some of our trainees share their thoughts about the practice.


We dive head first into the second week of our ACROVINYASA Yoga Teacher Training. We explain why we love to use games in all our teacher trainings. The students finish their final exams and we take to the beaches of Padangbai for our second beach clean up. We also give you a sneak peak into the emotional rollercoaster of our graduation ceremony.

We say a sweet 'see you later' to Padangbai and our 6 week stretch of yoga teacher trainings. We drive across the Island of Bali to say hello to a dear friend of ours; Janet Stone. Janet tells us what keeps her coming back to her yoga mat and explains her recent project with the NRDC. We then head to Ubud where we settle in at Soul Shine Bali for some much needed R&R.


In this episode Claudine shares childhood memories from her time growing up in Bali, we take a family trip to the monkey forest in Ubud, and Sofie gets up close and personal with her primate cousins!

We visit the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) and get to spend time with the incredible woman behind the cause, Janice. We venture to a local Bali school to watch BAWA in action, giving their educational classes and Claudine climbs up an active volcano to feed hundreds of abandoned dogs. 


We visit our amazing friend Meghan Currie in her sacred Bali home. Sofie Phoenix gets to create her first artistic masterpiece. Meghan tells us all about 'The Plastic Project' that she is finally ready to launch and how we can all be involved. We visit a local river and see first hand the devastating plastic epidemic in Bali. 

We say farewell to beautiful Bali and make the long journey to Nepal. We land in Kathmandu and enjoy some much needed family time exploring the bustling streets of Thamel. Honza takes a walk down memory lane by exploring all the landmarks he visited from his first trip to Nepal 7 years ago. 


We begin our journey up to Mount Everest Base Camp! We endure a scary flight from Kathmandu to Lukla airport. Our trek up the Himalayas begins and we quickly become enchanted by the sacred Nepali culture and the majestic beauty of the mountains. After many hours of seemingly endless climbs and terrifying bridges, we finally arrive at Namche Bazaar for a day of rest and acclimatization. Mama gets ready to say good bye to papa & baba and prepares to head out for a week long journey to EBC.

In this episode I (Claudine) say an emotional goodbye to baby Sofie and Honza and begin my solo journey to Mount Everest Base Camp. This journey becomes one of the most fulfilling and challenging experiences of my life, especially when my team fall ill with altitude sickness leaving me to conquer the climb alone. I’d like to dedicate this episode to the whole motherhood tribe of the world. This is my message of empowerment for every girl, every mother, every woman... “you’ve got this!”


We journey to Pokhara for some much needed family time after Claudine’s big trek to Everest Base Camp. We visit waterfalls, the birth place of Buddha in Lumbini, the famous Peace Pagoda on Ananda Hill, Tibetan refugee camps on the outskirts of Pokhara and Sofie enjoys her very first ever bike ride!


We venture to India and head straight for Rishikesh: The Yoga Capital of the World. We acquaint ourselves with India by diving head first into a street food tasting mission. We wonder the busy, bustling streets and take a sacred dip in the river Ganga. We had absolutely no idea what India had in store for us when our trip took a dangerous and life changing turn.


In our final episode we arrive in Thailand to begin our 300hr Yoga Teacher Training with our good friends Briohny, Dice and 60 amazing students. We have an unforgettable and emotional visit to the elephant sanctuary on Koh Samui Island and we take a trip down memory lane as we wrap up our final Journey Beyond episode.

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