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"Spirit is what you create, it's the signature on your soul, your stamp on life." 


- Josh Seth Williams

Tiffany Cruikshank


An international yoga teacher, author and health & wellness expert Tiffany travels the globe inspiring people to live their lives to the fullest.  Tiffany is known for her lighthearted attention to detail and passionate dedication to the practice.  With her training in Acupuncture & Sports Medicine her yoga classes are guided by a strong anatomic focus intermingled with her characteristic playfulness using movement as medicine. 

A NYC based yoga teacher, Tiffany was previously the Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher at the Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.  She has been featured in various video & print ads including ads for Nike, Lululemon, KiraGrace and Yogi Tea as well the cover of Yoga Journal, Om Yoga Magazine & International Lifestyle Magazine.  She has been featured in articles in the Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, News Observer, Explore the Pearl and International Lifestyle Magazine to name a few, and she writes articles for Yoga Journal,, Origin Magazine & among others. You can take class with her on or check out her book- Optimal Health For A Vibrant Life, a 30 day detox for yogis. For her full workshop, teacher training & retreat schedule visit Tiffany's


When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Well I spend most weeks of the year traveling to new places & meeting new people for the first time so I'd say my life is full of firsts. :)

What are your goals for 2016 and beyond?

My main goal and mission in life is to educate and empower teachers and to raise the bar for teacher trainings so that being a yoga teacher is a respectable profession. With so many teacher trainings and so many teachers now days I want to train teachers in a way that makes them remarkable and educate them in a way that they can learn to think for themselves to really help their students. There's nothing I love more than to teach teachers to understand the body to not only teach from a place of knowledge but also so that teachers can work with other health care providers to use yoga as medicine. 


How would you describe your first yoga experience?
As a 14yr old girl when I found yoga, for me it was the physicality that drew me in. After growing up playing competitive sports the mind body connection sparked my interest immediately.

What is your favourite yoga pose and why?

I get asked that so often, I really never know what to say. The thing I love about yoga is the ability to get intimate with the practice both on a knowledge level & an experiential level so that we can use it as needed. So my practice constantly changes to support me. 

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