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“If you are truly at your centre, the act of finding fault in others disappears"
- Goethe

Duncan Peak


Duncan is the original founder of P.L.A.Y. and over the last decade has successfully pioneered contemporary yoga styles to Australian shores and sets the highest standard in asana facilitation, teacher trainings and yoga retreat delivery in the country. Whilst Duncan was introduced to Raja Yoga in his teens to deal with stress and grief, he smashes the stereotype of what a Yogi should be and rather focuses on being himself and creating a methodology inspired by ancient teachings that he believes is relevant for today’s world.

Personally Duncan comes highly qualified in yoga and business. Not only has he (& his team) created a business not yet paralleled in Australian Yoga, he has developed himself as what he calls to be Modern Day Yogi, training extensively in most contemporary yoga methods - Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Power (Baron Baptiste method), Anusara and Yin Yoga.  Duncan underwent a four year mentorship under Baron Baptiste and eventually co-facilitated retreats with Baron all over the world. He has travelled and taught yoga in India and been disciplined in his own spiritual development, completing extensive studies in Traditional Yoga Philosophy under Georg Feuerstein, Anatomy and Physiology at the school of Neuro-Spinology and various Psychology and yoga related courses.


Duncan holds pre and post graduate degrees in Business Administration and served as an Army Officer in the elite Parachute Regiment. Previous to yoga asana and surfing being his physical passions, he played first grade Rugby Union representing the Australian Services and also trained throughout his youth in martial arts where he holds black belt honors. Dunx has trained some of Australia’s biggest sporting personalities and continues to be involved with the Manly Sea Eagles.

His classes are powerful, strong, fun, heartfelt and his irreverent sense of humor brings a unique lightness to the depth of practice he teaches. He spends his time travelling and teaching between the studios in Sydney and Melbourne and delivering teacher trainings and retreats in Byron Bay and around the globe. 

What are your goals for 2016 and beyond?
Follow my values, (integrity, loyalty & creativity) create a family, build a house & serve my business Power Living Australia Yoga through teaching Yoga and the vision it  all entails.


When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Landscaped architecture design of my backyard… i know, boring but so much fun 4 me :))

How would you describe your first yoga experience?

15 years old, 108 Omm’s, temporarily forgot who Duncan was… ahhh peace..

Who has influenced you the most in your life?

Mother & Brother, Krishna Jiddu Murti Philosophies, Krishna Macharya’s Vinyasa and a Rock n Roll lifestyle…


If you had one super power, what would it be?

Play the guitar better or to be able to be invisible, hmm one of them… close choice :)

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