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"Be yourself,
everyone else is taken." 
- Oscar Wilde

Kathryn Budig


Kathryn's appetite for yoga is infectious. She trained and taught in Los Angeles for 8 years under the guidance of Maty Ezraty and now travels the world. Kathryn's playful mixture of challenging classes with her lovable personality is the recipe for a truly inspiring class. As an avid food lover, she is also passionate about sharing healthy, organic and eco-friendly recipes.

Kathryn shares her zest for life, yoga & food as the Women's Health Magazine yoga expert along with her contributor writings for The Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, Gaiam, The Daily Love and MindBodyGreen. She’s been seen on the covers of Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Om Yoga and Common Ground. Budig has been featured on E!Entertainment, The Food Network, Forbes Women, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. She also serves as the brand representative for ToeSox and is currently sponsored by Under Armour + ZICO Coconut Water. She authored Rodale's The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga.

Kathryn is dedicated to giving back to her community. She co-founded "Poses for Paws", an organization dedicated to raising money for animal shelters through yoga. You can attend Kathryn's workshops around the globe, or save yourself the plane ticket and practice with her online at where she teaches weekly classes. You can also purchase Kathryn's "Aim True Yoga" DVDs on her website


When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Oh, that happens all the time! I just went to Japan and China for work for the first time. I might go try a new recipe for the first time tonight. . .!

What are your goals for 2016 and beyond?
To always be inspired and happy whatever form that may take.


How would you describe your first yoga experience?
Unpleasant! I didn't like the teacher and had no plans on returning. It was my good friend who talked me into trying a different class and then I got hooked. . .thank god for her!

Who has influenced you the most in your life?

My parents. Their love and support means the world to me.

What is your favourite yoga pose and why?

I love Crow Pose because it's so versatile and helps people feel playful and empowered.

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